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Looking to change perceptions?

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B2B marketing and PR has never been so complex and competitive.

Are you losing ground to a competitor, failing to hit your growth targets or even struggling to attract and retain talent? There might be a chasm between what you think your brand is and the way that people view it.

Do you have a compelling offer but feel unsure if you’re presenting it in the right way?

Maybe your business has changed and your marketing no longer reflects who you are? Sometimes a new visual identity can work wonders. Other times, to change brand perceptions, you’ll actually need to change your core brand positioning first.

Perhaps the problem lies outside of your business. Could it be that to achieve your goals, you need to shape opinions on issues like policy, culture or best practice?

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Win hearts & minds.
Get results.

Perceptions – the way that people see, experience, think and feel about your business – count for a lot.

We’re here to help you tell stories that shape those perceptions in a way that nurtures awareness, understanding, interest, demand, affinity, loyalty and advocacy amongst your stakeholders.

Over 30 years, we’ve been helping to positively forge and change perceptions of our clients’ products and brands to support their marketing objectives. Not to brag, but we’ve won a bunch of awards along the way. We’ve got a toolbox, brimming with everything needed to make change happen. And we’d love to talk to you about enhancing perceptions of your brand or products today.


Let’s change perceptions

What’s in the Change Perceptions toolbox?

From research to planning, execution, placement and measurement – as a strategic business to business marketing agency, we’ll lay the groundwork to establish how your business is perceived and how it can be enhanced.

Set the news agenda. Shape the narrative. Make sure you’re part of the discussion. Build your reputation and increase relevance, awareness, understanding and action.

Find and express your brand’s unique place in the world. Reach stakeholders on a level that goes deeper than rational appraisal and make them feel positive about your brand.

Your message and your voice matter. Whether it’s a social strategy, a video or a series of reports and whitepapers, speak to us to get all the right content in all the right places to tell the right story.

First impressions count. People do judge books by covers. So what does your aesthetic say about you? Perfect your brand visuals and put your best foot forwards.

Ensure your online media investment is channelled correctly for the best results and bring your team up to speed on the latest digital innovations.

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