Over 30 years, our culture has grown into something unique and precious. We love what we do. We love building long, fruitful relationships with talented people. But most of all we love to see our hard work delivering results.


We believe in our approach, the talent within our team and the quality of our work. This makes us brave and decisive.

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Our best work comes from sharing ideas. That’s why communication and trust – supplemented by the occasional bash, shindig or jamboree – are at the heart of everything we do.

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We value every voice in our agency. Diverse perspectives and people make us stronger.


Our commitment to growing and developing our team is how we ensure we’re always putting our best work out there, as well as attracting and retaining top talent.


We are flexible in how we think and how we operate. We’re open to new ideas and believe a healthy work/life balance benefits everyone.


We get a kick out of solving marketing problems. Our clients’ success is its own reward.

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The why:
our values

Defining who we are, what we do and why we do it is also important to us because we all need to be on the same page if we are going to keep creating brilliant, transformative work.


As a creative business, inspiration is our fuel. It can come from anyone, in any form at any time, so we keep an inquisitive eye on the world around us and we are bold enough to speak up when ideas strike.


We like to ask ‘why?’ It’s how we unearth truths about businesses, sectors and consumers and how we make people feel understood. We also like to ask ‘why not?’ That’s how we push ourselves to do better.


We surround ourselves with brilliant people. We love working with clients and colleagues who give it their all so that together we can execute ideas with impact that make us feel proud.


Without hard work and passion, talent and knowledge can only get you so far. We always do whatever it takes to help our clients and our team succeed.


We know that term gets overused a bit. But the fact is, we want to support each other to keep learning, to take ownership of our collective achievements and to be free to do our best work.

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Want to join a winning team that creates work to be proud of? Here at The Think Tank, we don’t just show up for the pay slip. Find out what makes our B2B marketing agency a brilliant place to be.

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