Still a relatively new company, Asendia faces the challenge of integrating teams and employees around the world. The campaign we developed was designed to encourage employees to learn about the core pillars of the business strategy and to inspire them to share and communicate their ideas, insights and initiatives with a goal of delivering innovation throughout the business.

We created a two-tier strategy built around a dedicated SuperAsendian microsite. This campaign extended the use of bold creative elements and LEGO seen in the previous SuperAsendian messaging, reinforcing the communication with recognisable graphics.

The first part of the campaign aimed to educate and entertain employees with a SuperAsendian quiz, asking multiple choice questions about Asendia's business strategy and giving participants the opportunity to correct answers they got wrong.

This was followed by the SuperAsendian Challenge, which invited employees to work in teams across the business, contributing new ideas and initiatives that met the goals of the business strategy. These initiatives were then voted on by employees and an expert judging panel, with three ideas chosen for implementation within the business.

The campaign was announced with a launch pack mailed to all employees, followed by regular e-shots updating them and encouraging participation. For employees without computer access, information posters, printed copies of the Quiz, and entry forms for the Challenge were created to ensure everyone had a chance to participate.

The campaign was very well received with more than 60 entries from groups throughout the organisation, resulting in the three winning initiatives being implemented and a further twelve still being considered by the management team.