Kicking off at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile with a Roadshow with partners Tom Dixon Design, the ongoing PR campaign has also included press relations and exhibition support services. The Think Tank also undertook media buying and planning to support the PR campaign.

The Think Tank designed a PR campaign that would utilize a number of core tactics to raise profile for the Formica Group across Europe, whilst accommodating the different needs of each region.

The Roadshow with Tom Dixon Design provided a talking point and an opportunity to meet press and customers face to face at selected events and venues across Europe. Meanwhile the press relations element of the campaign has focused on the launch of the Formica® Collection, a co-ordinated range of surfacing materials for architects, specifiers and designers, specially chosen in line with European trends.

Supporting this has been the development of case studies to showcase the products in application.

In addition, where core trade events were taking place in a territory, The Think Tank has supported these by working with local teams to coordinate press packs and interviews around the events.

The press relations has achieved coverage in countries where there had been no press coverage to date, as well as establishing further dialogue in the more established regions.  So far, press and online coverage and comment has been achieved in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Holland, Russia, and Poland.

Media planning and buying to support the campaign was also undertaken by the Think Tank across these territories.