The management at Jacksons Fencing believe that in a multi-faith society, individuals should have the freedom to practise their faith in complete safety. However, despite the Human Rights Act 1998 protecting public worship, there are signs that intolerance is on the rise. Home Office figures show that hate crime offences in England and Wales have been rising steadily over the past six years, with 7,446 religiously motivated incidents recorded in 2019.

As anticipating the evolving threats of a changing world is one of the prevailing priorities for the security industry, Jacksons Fencing was keen to raise awareness for its ability to provide security solutions for religious venues. The company also wanted to demonstrate its understanding of the difficulties faced by faith leaders and those specifying security solutions on sites that need to feel welcoming in addition to keeping people safe.

The Think Tank recommended a research study, using the findings for a state-of-the-nation report, asking people of all faiths about their experiences around security issues at their place of worship. The report was written in a format that could be broken down into stand-alone content pieces for use by both the media and Jacksons on their owned channels. The content had to explore the scale of the problem as well as provide the sales team with informative content to support in their outreach.

The findings were stark, highlighting the alarming frequency with which religious institutions are targeted by crime: six out of ten respondents stated their place of worship has been a target of a crime, and three quarters said this had happened at least annually. Almost two thirds (62%) said attacks take place at least twice a year.

The Think Tank took the results out the media with two themed press releases securing coverage in both prestigious religious titles as well as the security press. The report also enabled us to place thought leadership in key security titles, positioning Jacksons as an industry expert and helping raise awareness of the brand and its values.

The campaign resulted in 20 pieces of coverage, including The Church Times, Asian World News, International Security Journal and a host of trade titles. The total online readership reached 1.14m, while estimated coverage views were 21.2k. The report findings also provided material for Jacksons’ social media channels, digital marketing and electronic direct marketing and newsletters.

Elise Myhill, Marketing Supervisor, Jacksons Fencing comments on the campaign, “The Think Tank really got behind this campaign and the initial results have been impressive and really present Jacksons Fencing as thought leaders. The campaign handled a sensitive topic with care, and it’s created a bank of content that we can use across all our marketing endeavours.”