Leica Geosystems invited us to develop the launch strategy, messaging, concept and plan for the launch of their new ground penetrating radar system, the DSX.

This advancement in technology made it a simple and easy to use device for any operator; our goal was to demonstrate this and the results achieved in various scenarios.

Once we had developed the strategy, concept and messaging we set to work creating the campaign assets. The first was a teaser campaign featuring a humorous video that took the viewer around the world (by green screen), demonstrating the current issue of finding out what is below ground without the Leica DSX, supported by a competition landing page, with a 'Locate the Pipe' competition, and eshots. You can view the teaser video here.

Following the teaser campaign we launched the Leica DSX with an integrated campaign, which included an internal direct mail piece, to get the sales team excited, and an external digital and print campaign including video, banner advertising and print ads.

The launch focussed upon 'a clearer view of underground utilities' and used CGI to show underground pipes in various locations and was a great success in engaging audiences and building awareness.

You can view the launch video here