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Leica Geosystems empower their customers and clients to work smarter, developing pioneering technology and providing both software and hardware that is changing the face of construction.

The latest product update to Leica Geosystems’ ground-breaking Cyclone software was successfully launched on June 14th at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, with pre- and post-launch campaigns created through The Think Tank.

Leica Cyclone’s 360-degree point cloud processing software allows for detailed exploration of an environment in digital form, making it a powerful tool for designers, engineers, contractors and public safety professionals alike.

To reflect the comprehensive nature of the software, The Think Tank developed a 360-degree theme; placing a customer interacting with the software at the centre of a virtual environment, surrounded by vibrant, warped graphics, demonstrating how Leica Cyclone puts the user at the centre of every project.

The core messaging around the campaign, complementing the graphics, encourages the reader to visualise the world in a new way with Leica Cyclone software. The strapline ‘See the world from a different perspective’ was used in the teaser campaign to create intrigue and interest around the new product, whilst hinting at the Cyclone’s capabilities.

The teaser campaign combined online advertising, using programmatic media across five countries, eDM and print adverts that all fed back to a microsite where visitors could ‘Guess the point cloud’ to win a HTC VIVE VR headset and register to be the first to find out more about the launch. With more than 15,000 visits to the microsite in over three weeks, the teaser was a great success.

At the moment of the launch, a new dedicated landing page went live hosting videos, developed and produced by The Think Tank, demonstrating Leica Cyclone’s USPs in action and also interviewing customers about the new software from a variety of sectors, for example law enforcement.

The launch campaign extended the teaser messaging, positioning Leica Cyclone as a ‘Smarter way to view the world’ and reflecting the enhancements to software across registration, visualisation and collaboration. Through print and online advertising, supported by direct marketing, social media and PR, the integrated campaign is set to drive awareness of Leica Cyclone with both existing and prospective clients across a wide range of sectors.

You can find out more about the Leica Cyclone here.

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