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The Think Tank has continued its work with Leica Geosystems to create the global campaign ideation for the launch of the ground-breaking Leica RTC360 3D Reality Capture Solution.

This innovative new Leica scanner makes 3D reality capture easier than ever before, allowing anyone to capture their surroundings down to the last detail using a lightweight, portable device. From surveyors and contractors to crime scene investigators, the Leica RTC360 is set to revolutionise the day-to-day routines of workers in multiple industries, and required a launch and teaser campaign able to reflect that.

Developing the strategy, campaign messaging and digital planning, The Think Tank created visuals, advertising, videos and content pieces whilst also supporting a global launch in Las Vegas. A digital campaign running in the UK and USA has already garnered thousands of views and significantly raised the Leica RTC360’s profile.

You’ll be able to find out more about this campaign, which we’re incredibly proud of, in the full case study due to be released soon. For now, take a look at the launch video below or visit the Leica Geosystems website to read more about this fascinating product.


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