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14th June 2023

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Here at The Think Tank, as you can probably tell, we spend a lot of time thinking about B2B Marketing and PR.

If you’ll excuse the humble brag, we feel we’re rather good at it. (Both the thinking and the actual doing, that is.)

But we haven’t been able to stay at the top of our game for 30 years by resting on our laurels.

Thinking about what we do, asking questions, listening to and learning from our clients and peers… these things are all essential (and rather enjoyable) aspects of our agency ethos.

It’s an idea sharing process that helps us get better at what we do.

So it occurred to us – and we’re not sure why we didn’t think of it sooner – that we ought to formalise this idea-sharing forum.

Let’s schedule in some sessions with some of B2B marketing’s top talent, we thought.  

Great idea, we thought.

Hey, let’s record these sessions, so we can listen back to what our expert guests have to say, we thought.

Yet another great idea.

Why don’t we share those recordings so that other people can listen in and join us in our quest to discover the Secrets of Brilliant B2B Marketing and PR? someone said.

Hold on, said someone else. Are we about to make a podcast?  

Yes! The Born to B2B Podcast goes live 14th June!

Born to B2B: Adventures in B2B Marketing, the podcast that attempts to answer the biggest questions in our sector, is coming soon.

With agency founder and MD, Liam Bateman on the mic, we’ll be talking B2B with the likes of Robin Cordy, Managing Director of NBS; Communications Coach, Trudy Lewis; Creative Strategist, Daniel da Costa of Raspberry Ripple; Helen Badger, Marketing Director at IRIS Software; and many others.

We’ve been blown away by the wisdom and insight of every single guest. And we can’t wait to start sharing what we’ve learned. 

  • Find out where B2B marketing is headed
  • Discover which tools can pump your productivity or boost your brand
  • Get fresh ideas about where you need to look for inspiration
  • Learn first-hand how the industry’s best and brightest are doing things right
  • And much more. 

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