From running the office to running 100km


31st March 2022

Well-oiled machines don’t tick over smoothly and efficiently by accident. Behind the scenes there is always someone pulling levers, issuing directions and watching with expert eyes to make sure everything stays ship shape. At The Think Tank, that person is Magda Whitley.

Amazingly, despite the considerable demands of running facilities, finance, supplier control and more, Magda is finding time to squeeze in a different kind of running. She’s running 100km in the space of a month. And it’s all for a very good cause.

Raising money for Breast Cancer Now, your donations in support of Magda’s multiple marathons will help to fund research, pay for nurses and scientists and deliver life-changing assistance to the hundreds-of-thousands of people affected by breast cancer.

“This challenge is really important to me personally,” says Magda. “An estimated 600,000 people are living with and beyond breast cancer in the UK and every 10 minutes someone else is diagnosed with the disease. I’ll be running almost every day over the month – a total of almost 2-and-a-half marathons – to help raise money and awareness.”

If you’d like to donate, you can do so via Facebook or alternatively give directly via the Breast Cancer Now website.

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