Oscar Acoustics Video Content

For more than 40 years, Oscar Acoustics has grown to become one of Britain’s top businesses in the field of architectural acoustic and soundproofing solutions for use in buildings offering superb acoustics without compromising on design. The family-run company is proud of its long history, which includes work on prestigious projects in spectacular settings, such as famous restaurants, universities, schools, stadiums and a multitude of offices, many of which are in the buildings that dominate London’s skyline.

The Think Tank was tasked with creating video content to raise the company profile and launch new products for Oscar Acoustics. We devised two video concepts to raise visibility online among various audiences, including architects, specifiers, small builders and soundproofing companies. In addition, the videos were used to engage those communities through the Oscar Acoustics website and social media channels.

Company video production

The company video format not only gave us an opportunity to trace the company’s four-decade history, but it also gave the business a human face through the introduction of the managing director Ben Hancock. It presented the perfect opportunity to showcase the quality of Oscar Acoustics’ sound absorption spray range SonaSpray – the video was shot in a high-end restaurant and highlighted the acoustically calm environment with minimal sound reverberation.


Product video creation

The second video promoted the Iso-Mount range, a series of acoustic hangers designed for the creation of isolated, floating ceilings to provide professional-grade soundproofing to everyday homes. As part of a wider marketing campaign, the video clearly illustrated how the Iso-Mount range is the ideal solution for effectively combating unwanted noise transfer between floors. 

For each video, we worked closely with Oscar Acoustics to develop the script and storyboard concept and delivered the full production service from filming and voice-over recording to animation creation and post-production editing.

Video success

Everything Oscar Acoustics does is centred on promoting people’s wellbeing in different spaces, whether it’s in homes, schools, offices or hospitality venues. The success of the videos was therefore determined by us capturing this company ethos as well as showing the products’ versatility, giving designers the freedom to create beautiful, calm and inviting spaces that sound as good as they look.

“As a family-run company, we really believe in what we do and it’s important that our customers know that. The Think Tank understood our ethos, while also highlighting the technical product detail that professionals need. They created slick video content which helped to boost our visibility online. ”Ben Hancock, Managing Director, Oscar Acoustics