Red Hot Penny had begun to venture into the realm of sports marketing with client wins like rugby club Harlequins and swimming brand Zoggs. However, it wanted to amplify its presence in the highly competitive world of sports by analysing the UK’s top clubs to see who was challenging for the title and who was scoring an own goal when it came to their retail game.

Inspired by Red Hot Penny’s earlier research into the retail sector, the report produced some unexpected results. Far from the Premier League dominating, the top-performing club was Somerset Country Cricket Club. The Think Tank analysed the data for other story hooks and created easily digestible press materials for the sports and marketing media.

We then secured an exclusive with SportBusiness, a top tier sports business titles in the UK, for an in-depth comment piece from Red Hot Penny’s head of marketing, and featuring other voices from the industry. After the initial release was launched, we followed up with more targeted activity, focusing on different sports and regions. This led to pieces in nationals such as Scotland’s Daily Record, and regionals like Somerset Live.

In the wake of the media relations push, the report was downloaded 87 times, including by major teams like Liverpool FC. Red Hot Penny also gained leads with Everton FC, Saracens, Millwall FC, Luton Town FC, and St Helens RFC.

Client Testimonial

Dave Schulhof, CEO, Red Hot Penny said “As we’d had great results with Quins and Zoggs we were keen to demonstrate our sports marketing know-how to the rest of the industry. Following on from the success of the High Street Scorecard it made sense use this technique with sports clubs. The Think Tank’s work put us in front of exactly who we needed to talk to in this new sector.”