SureCav Lead Generation Digital Campaign

Looking to raise their profile and generate leads in a challenging market, SureCav tasked The Think Tank with getting them noticed.

SureCav provides products for the construction sector; an alternative to backing blocks, reducing cost and space, while enhancing the thermal properties of houses.

Targeting architects, housebuilders and developers online, we developed a highly effective digital advertising campaign with the strapline ‘Extra floor space that doesn’t cost the earth’, for placement across the Google Display Network and LinkedIn.

With a clean background and a simple illustration of a floorplan used visually, the creative helped the audience understand the product supported by the copy.

We used LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, Google Display and Remarketing to place SureCav in front of relevant audiences, optimising the activity throughout the duration of the campaign.

The campaign was extremely successful and after four months, it generated a total of 1.7 million impressions and 9,788 clicks. We are currently in the process of refreshing the campaign creative and re-starting activity.