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Sustainability & the cost of living

Sustainability & the cost of living: Are consumers still willing to pay more for greener goods and services? It’s often said that sustainability sells, but the figures can sometimes feel conflicting.  A recent McKinsey study…


Why are B2B brands taking over Formula 1 racing?

B2B brands make up almost half of F1’s official sponsors – what does it tell us about their spending power, goals and marketing strategy? In the high-stakes, adrenaline-ridden world of Formula 1 racing, B2B brands…


What is growth marketing and why is it different?

It’s time to stop relying on your gut: the data-driven, iterative approach of growth marketing Growth marketing refers to the use of experiments to test what works and what doesn’t, then using this data to…


What is sustainability marketing?

What does ‘sustainability marketing’ mean and how can B2B marketers use it to their advantage? As nearly half of consumers now say they’re more likely to buy from a company that’s actively working to reduce…


Where SEO and PR intersect: boosting online visibility using digital tools

PR and digital marketing teams…unite! PR and SEO may seem worlds apart, but they have more crossover than you’d expect. In fact they actually complement each other quite well, making PR professionals and digital marketers…


Celebrating 30 years of outstanding people

The key to a thriving B2B agency? It’s all about our team. As The Think Tank continues to celebrate its 30th anniversary, we’re chatting to some of the people who have kept us company throughout…


The cookieless future of tracking: how is Google’s GA4 impacting B2B marketers?

The new analytics update that’s shaking things up In the fast-moving world of digital marketing, Google’s analytics tools have long been our trusty companions. By tracking users’ movements across websites, they’ve sharpened our understanding of…


Should B2B brands and marketers be on TikTok?

Let’s take a look at the world’s fastest growing social media platform With millions of users scrolling for hours every day, TikTok is a potential goldmine for marketers. Products, pages and people can all go…


Have brands fallen out of love with the metaverse?

It was two years ago this month that ‘the metaverse’ went mainstream. This futuristic vision of the next generation of the internet had become the obsession of one of the largest companies in the world…


Beyond Succession: blending old and new for impact

Jo Wilmot, our PR director, recently commented in PR Week about the relevance of traditional media and the need to combine old with new for communications impact. Here’s a deeper dive into the topic. Lachlan Murdoch’s…

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