Additive Industries

Welcome to the fast lane of metal 3D printers

Brand Awareness, B2B Marketing, Advertising

Additive Industries, a world leader in industrial additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, entrusted us with creating a timeless ad to showcase its fully automated, uniquely scalable metal 3D printers.

The challenge

With revolutionary modularity, unmatched uptime and safety – all backed by impeccable customer service – it’s no surprise that premier brands like BMW, VW and the Alfa Romeo F1 Team all use Additive Industries’ printers.

The brief was to raise brand awareness by building a compelling narrative around these impressive endorsements and showcasing the incredible potential of our client’s 3D printers.

The solution

Additive Industries’ involvement in automotive manufacturing inspired us to think beyond the product.

We leant heavily on the amazing creations that our client’s printers facilitate, and communicated this through expressive, punchy headlines and powerful imagery.

The striking F1 visuals deployed by The Think Tank not only created an engaging backdrop that captured the speed, precision and innovation of Additive Industries’ product, but also perfectly complemented (and amplified) our copy.

We knew that this approach would allow us to produce work that was distinctive and simple: a sure-fire way to stand out against the less captivating advertising employed by the competition.

The results

Pleased with the success and impact of the ads, Additive Industries commissioned The Think Tank for additional work, expanding our collaboration into the realms of web design, digital advertising and the creation of downloadable assets.

Watch this space for more great work coming soon.

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