Net Zero Barometer Report 2023

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the UK’s National Standards Body, representing the interests of the UK in global standards development to drive positive change for people, organisations and society.

In a bid to boost knowledge about the race to Net Zero and promote its expertise in sustainability spaces, we teamed up with BSI to design its Net Zero Barometer Report – a free-to-download, annual report about how the race to net zero was impacting UK businesses.

But that was just the beginning of our journey to spread BSI’s mission far and wide. The next step: promotion.

The challenge

Challenges with earned and shared media, such as competing for column space and search positions in the crowded Net Zero arena, meant that the report was struggling to reach BSI’s target audience of policy-makers, UK businesses, regulators, trade bodies and Net Zero groups.

Engaging all of these key decision-makers would require precise yet comprehensive targeting across a number of different platforms, as well as an understanding of key dates when investing in extra coverage would be beneficial.

Our solution

We recommended the use of LinkedIn brand awareness and lead generation promotion, supported by Google Display ads. Using these channels, we were able to promote the report to a list of laser-focused job titles and industry sectors.

To create the ads, we paired strong copy that highlighted the report’s key findings with imagery that perfectly aligned with BSI’s branding. We then scheduled a variety of ad types such as sponsored posts, document download ads and retargeting to create multiple opportunities for conversions.

Over a four month period, we carefully and strategically monitored ad spending, increasing it in the weeks leading up to COP 28 – a pivotal event in the sustainability calendar.

The results

The campaign received over 1,000,000 impressions, surpassing both the impression and click through rate KPIs that were initially set for the campaign.

It also delivered against the lead generation objectives, gaining several high quality leads for BSI from users with senior job titles related to sustainability or the environment. These leads came from some of the UK’s most well-known brands, including a leading supermarket, a global oil group and an infamous toymaker.

‘The report’s findings showed that UK business leaders want to achieve net zero, but don’t know how. It was our responsibility to promote the report and findings to this group – and we needed an awareness raising campaign that would allow us to continue to communicate with them whilst they are on their net zero journey.

The Think Tank’s campaign delivered on all levels, putting us in contact with decision makers within CSR and ESG of some of the UK’s biggest brands’.

Claudia Symington, Senior Marketing Executive at BSI

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