When we’re travelling, it can be hard to get a feel for the ‘real place’ beyond the tourist destination – but not so for one lucky couple.

Glennis LaRoe and Kip Geddes have taken part in a unique marketing campaign for Quebec, which saw them live in a mobile beach hut.

Moved by helicopter, truck, and boat, the couple would wake up in a brand new part of Quebec, finding themselves in the midst of sheep, festivals, a rocky outpost, and much more – helping them to experience everything the Canadian province has to offer.

The ad, which you can watch below, encapsulates their incredible experiences, while a 360-degree website replicates the fun virtually.

Let us know what you think of this campaign and if you’d love to take part.

Iconic Dutch art movement De Stijl is being commemorated in a novel way – across building façades in The Hague.

Epitomised by artist Piet Mondrian, De Stijl consisted of bold black lines and primary coloured blocks – ideal for transforming some of the Dutch city’s most famous architecture.

From towers to the City Hall, public paths to canals, the bright squares of Mondrian’s art are popping up all over The Hague.

The campaign, described as a ‘Mondrian metamorphosis’, celebrates De Stijl’s 100th anniversary.

Explore the campaign, developed by The Hague City Council and studio VOLLAERSZWART, here.

A fun competition gives you the chance to create a brand new letter of the alphabet.

The contest, run by The Book Collector, asks designers to imagine a 27th letter, based on the Latin alphabet used in English-speaking countries.

The letter has to be based on ‘a recognised sound or combination of sounds’, with the visual reflecting the designer’s creativity.

Interestingly, the competition was thought up by James Bond creator Ian Fleming, who first ran the idea in a magazine in 1947.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary, the contest has been resurrected by Fleming’s nephew James, who said: ‘Anyone with an idea as to how the English language could be improved in a way that complies with the competition rules can take part. Last time submissions included '-sion', 'th' and 'st', but alternatives are yours to explore. Given that most people embrace the fast-moving world of social media, perhaps this time the new letter will become part of the alphabet.’

Entries are open until 25th April 2017 – find out more here and let us know if you’ll be designing a brand new letter.

Need some design inspiration? Why not turn to Instagram, where one account celebrates the best circular plans in architecture.

'Circular Spaces' hosts a collection of the best examples of circle-led designs, tracking projects of all scales, from the fictional to the functional, the marvellous to the modernist.

The Instagram features the Le Corbusier-inspired Torres Blancas in Madrid, Palladio's 16th Century Villa Capra, and the plan for Death Star II from 'Return of the Jedi'.

See these geometric delights here and let us know your favourites.

Want to keep up with some of the latest trends in imagery and music? Shutterstock’s latest Creative Trends infographic explores what’s hot in the creative industry.

The infographic looks at a range of trends, from cultural and social to video and music, with a few key themes influencing our world.

Nature is dominating the scene, especially in the case of visually striking images of extreme weather events, which is reflected in the organic and tropical styles making waves.

We continue to be influenced by all things retro, which Shutterstock explains: ‘as present and future prospects remain uncertain, we look for ways to revisit and reinvent familiar themes, seizing warm feelings of nostalgia along the way’.

Minimalism is another important trend, with white texture up 482% in Shutterstock’s searches, ‘offering a clean yet bold backdrop to any design’.

Explore the infographic here and let us know which creative trends you’re loving this year.

Pizza brand Domino’s has tapped into the retro Eighties trend with its new Ferris Bueller-inspired ad.

‘Home for Pizza’ recreates the iconic ‘race home’ scene in 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, updating it to promote Domino’s new Tracker.

Revisiting key moments from the movie such as catching up with the car and jumping over the fence, the ad even features Alan Ruck, who appeared in the original film as Ferris’ best friend Cameron.

Watch the nostalgia-inducing ad below and tell us what you think of it.

‘You fell for the bait, now fall for the book’.

For some people, classic literature has a bit of a bad name: stuffy, dry, boring…but what if it was given a new spin?

The Wild Detectives bookshop in Texas has found a solution, tempting Facebook users with clickbait-style posts – which actually lead to some of the most famous works of English literature.

The Litbaits campaign includes brilliant lines like ‘British guy dies after selfie goes wrong’ (The Picture of Dorian Grey) and ‘You’ll never guess what happened to this Kansas teen after a tornado destroys her home’ (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz).

The works, which are copyright-free, are all ones we’ve heard of but might not have found the time to read before (or last read in school), such as Frankenstein, Romeo and Juliet, and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

With a mission statement of ‘trolling people into reading classic books’, The Wild Detectives has also produced a video featuring some of the best Litbaits – which you can watch below.

Berocca has launched a funky new ad, introducing ‘Roccy’ the chameleon to their £3m branding campaign.

The ad sees Roccy body-popping to the sound of Panjabi MC, snapping bugs out of mid-air whilst showcasing some serious moves!

Encouraging viewers to ‘Be more Berocca’, the ad aims to demonstrate how the drink can help combat tiredness and fatigue.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of Roccy.

A photographer has created a stunning set of 360-degree panoramic images, showcasing the beauty of grand libraries.

Thomas R.Schiff provides an insight into some of the most impressive libraries in the United States, from the Neoclassical Lincoln Public Library in Illinois to the monumental George Peabody Library in Baltimore.

The beautiful images, which are on display as 'The Library Exhibition' in New York, depict the detailed architecture and stunning symmetry of these historic libraries.

Take a look at some of the incredible images here and let us know your favourites.

Doritos' new ad makes a cute comparison with its new Heatburst flavour: what it would be like to adopt a fiery baby dragon.

The ad follows the budding relationship between a young man and his companion dragon; at first, it's all joy with trips to the park and bike rides, but things soon heat up, with the ‘baby’ dragon breathing fire in the cinema, burning a Frisbee, and setting his birthday cake alight (including the candles, of course).

However, there are also some benefits to being friends with a fire-breather, including an extra boost whilst go-karting and easily toasting marshmallows!

Watch the #HeatWillCome ad below and tell us if you'd like a Doritos dragon.

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