A heartwarming love story between two teddy bears is the subject of Heathrow airport’s festive advertising.

The airport’s much-loved bears, Doris and Edward Bair, take centre stage once again for Heathrow’s second-ever advert, after making their debut appearance last year.

The ad follows on Doris and Edward’s 50-year love story, from their very first meeting in the 1960s to celebrating Christmas in 2017 with a large extended family of cuddly, cutely-dressed bears.

Despite the passing time and the changing world, Doris and Edward always meet in the airport arrivals lounge for a tender reunion (normally with a duty-free gift from Edward).

You can watch this adorable love story in the clip below: 

A group of burly Canadian guys are showing off their hirsute forms and donning mermaid tails in a photoshoot to raise money for charity.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Beard & Moustache Club, ‘an inclusive beard and moustache club open to anyone who appreciates facial hair’ - decided to raise money for Spirit Horse NL, a mental health organisation, by shooting their very own ‘dudeoir’ (yep, that’s the male version of boudoir) calendar.

The Club’s founder, Hasan Hai, decided on a merman-themed shoot and sent an open invite on social media calling for hairy gents happy to wet their fins for a good cause. Inundated with responses for his strange request, Hai quickly gathered a willing group of model ‘Merb’ys’ - a mashup of 'B'ys', NL slang for 'boys' and 'mermen'.

The calendar was intended as a bit of fun to raise some money for a charity close to Hai’s heart but, once the photos hit the internet, it quickly went viral, with sales skyrocketing.

You can see more of the calendar here, or pre-order it for yourself from the Club website.

Following Australia’s overwhelming support for same-sex marriage in a vote this week, Aussie brands' social feeds are awash with rainbows.

The historic Marriage Equality postal vote announced yesterday that 61.6% of Australians were all for giving gay couples the right to get married. The vote is non-binding, but puts pressure on the Australian government, which has already promised to pass the new legislation as quickly as possible.

Amidst the tumultuous constitutional change, Australian brands have used social media to show their support for the LGBTQ community. Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Qantas and even Sydney Opera House washed their feeds in rainbow colours, glitter and hearts to celebrate the momentous vote.

The social support comes after a highly divisive campaign which saw plenty of brands shy away from taking sides so as not to alienate customers. Coca-Cola was among the first to show unwavering public support for marriage equality, along with Airbnb and a handful of youth publishing brands.

You can see all the brands supporting the move here.


Media investment group Group M has released its latest ‘State of Video’ report analysing the ups and downs in current video advertising trends.

A key theme throughout the report is the declining millennial audience for traditional TV, which in the US and UK has fallen by 4.5% year-on-year since 2012, causing many to predict that the generation will never follow this stalwart media as their parents once did.

‘In startling opposition to history, Gen Y and Gen Z are actually watching less as they age. Their TV viewing is falling in absolute terms and even more against expected life stage,’ say report authors Adam Smith and Rob Norman, both of Group M.

Following this, new challengers are happily stepping up to take TV’s advertising crown, according to Group M. Across Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook, viewer numbers continue to grow, with many putting the 90% viewer increase of 2016 down to the rise in better quality, more informative and simply more professional-looking content.

The report also predicts that media tech platforms will soon hold the bargaining power in live sports, disrupting how live sports events are broadcast and enjoyed, based on Amazon, Apple and Google’s forays into digital and sports.

Another prediction suggests addressable TV, currently only available in the US via pay TV providers, will continue to grow at a rapid pace and offer advertisers a chance to put highly-targeted adverts in time-shifted ad breaks in front of their audiences.

Still lagging behind is the measurement of advertising metrics, according to the Group M report; with so much content viewed on ‘poorly or completely unmeasured screens’, the report highlights this failure to capture data as a huge loss of profits for marketers and advertisers alike.

‘We need to develop better strategies to build our clients’ businesses. The lack of holistic measurement is holding us back,’ concludes the report, urging the industry to find a solution.

You can read the full report, and more key takeaways, here.

In time to coincide with last week’s Great British Bake Off final, Channel 4 has released its latest rebrand with a series of pretty and slightly political stings.

The channel’s famous masthead number four has undergone numerous transformations over the years, with 2017’s offering creating an enormous metal digit that wanders the UK  in short clips directed by Dougal Wilson of Blink.

From joining in a street football match on a quaintly English terraced street to helping a group of migrants reach the white cliffs of Dover, the outsize logo clearly embodies and exudes the brand’s youthful, liberal, edgy character.

‘Our new idents couldn’t be more Channel 4,’ says Alice Tnge, head of 4Creative, ‘They celebrate inclusion, diversity, youth and the channel’s big, noisy, alternative voice.’

You can watch the shorts below. What do you think of the channel’s new ident?


To launch a new line of workout trousers, Nike Pants Studio has commissioned female artists to express their love for fitness through their art.

The female-only creative brief drew in a widely varying range of styles and approaches; London-based neon artist Eve de Haan using her signature fluorescent pink letter to spell ‘power is power’, Jessie Cave’s charmingly childish and colourful sketch injects a little fun into the series and Joey Yu portrays a vibrant, energy-filled netball game.

Every artwork exudes a powerful message, from Nicole Chui’s photography and embroidery piece headlined ‘dare’ to the scarlet boxing gloves in Rose Waterson’‘s elegant pencil drawing.

The artists were chosen for their up-and-coming position in the creative world as well as their enduring love for sport, whether that’s dance, a hobby of Nicole Chui’s for over a decade, or Jessie Cave’s love of cycling, to bring their genuine passion for their art and their sport. And the results are nothing short of charming.

You can see the artworks commissioned in full here.

Car manufacturers Lexus have placed their brand amongst some of the greatest artworks ever created, in a campaign that gives everyday life a touch of fantastic artistry.

Lexus’ new campaign, ‘The Art of Standing Out’ spans TV, print, digital and social media. It is breathtakingly simplistic and cleverly creates a space where the new vehicle design can be placed alongside the likes of Van Gogh, Vermeer and Koons as a stand-out piece of art.

Micky Tudor, creative director at CHI&Partners, said: ‘As Lexus is famed for its exquisite design credentials, we felt it would be fitting to pay homage to some of the world’s greatest works of art in this new campaign for the new NX.’

See the new work of art below or to read more about this campaign, click here.

To fight the peer pressure many young people feel to keep drinking on a night out - sometimes against their will - Uber has teamed up with Drinkwise for a safe solution.

Have you ever been on a night out and realised one of your friends has disappeared without a trace? Dubbed as ‘ghosting’, this often worrying (and always unsafe) way of leaving a night out is all too common amongst young people amidst today’s binge-drinking culture.

To crack down on ghosting and keep revellers safe, Uber Australia has teamed up with alcohol awareness nonprofit Drinkwise to introduce a new ‘ghosting mode’ without the risk.

After sneaking off, the Uber app sends a customised message to the customer’s friends to let them know they’re safely en route to home.

The smart feature will be available on Friday and Saturday nights for the next six weeks, ensuring those who don’t fancy staying out til 6am don’t have to make it home alone.

Click here to see more about this campaign.

The regeneration of Hastings Pier in East Sussex has been given the industry seal of approval as it’s named the winner of the 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize.

The Stirling Prize is awarded by RIBA to celebrate the building that has made the most notable contribution to British architecture in the previous year, with past winners including Peckham Library in south-east London and the Scottish parliament building in Edinburgh.

Forget Victorians strolling along the seafront with parasols; London-based architects de Rijke Marsh Morgan have shone a new light on Hastings’ tragically fire-damaged pier and simultaneously reinvented the idea of the traditional pier itself.

Tasked with rebuilding the dilapidated structure recently acquired by Hastings County Council, dRMM scrapped the old-fashioned Victorian design and worked to create a spacious, community-focussed space that blended a breathtaking view, gorgeous seaside location and a hub for the up-and-coming town.

You can see more of this award-winning design, including its development and the road to a RIBA award, here.

Cheese on top or bottom? Apple and Google are going head to head once again in what might just be the first great emoji debate.

Much like there’s a right way of making a cup of tea, there must be a right way to assemble a cheese burger, right? Such was the conundrum that faced Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Monday morning.

On Saturday evening, Thomas Baekdal, founder of Baekdal Media, tweeted followers questioning the difference between Google’s burger emoji and Apple’s, having spotted how Google slips the cheese under the beefburger while Apple’s places it on top.

Once it had been pointed out, it was a case of ‘can’t unsee’ - and the tweet went viral with opinions. Some news sites even went as far as to create entire articles comparing the emojis of every device from Apple and Samsung to LG and beyond.

While arguments raged and families were divided (probably), it emerged that - unsurprisingly -  the cheese-atop-beefburger stacking system came out as the most popular.

Where do you stand on this ferocious debate?

Read Google’s response and vote for the best burger emoji here.

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