The new advertising campaign from Project Literacy tackles the tough subject of adult illiteracy in a strikingly colourful way. 

‘Daunting World’ is a series of vivid photographs that explore the everyday challenges of illiteracy. In the adverts, the wording on common objects is replaced by the anxious thoughts of illiterate adults. The clever images were all inspired by real-life stories from people around the world who have been helped by the project. 

Project Literacy is an initiative founded by Pearson, a global provider of educational products and services. This latest campaign has been rolled out across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as in print. 

The creators behind the adverts have called them ‘bold, clever and accessible’. You can see the thought-provoking images here.

The latest advertising campaign from KAYAK is wonderfully surreal, funny and just a little bit scary. 

‘Kind of Like KAYAK’ promotes the airfare search engine and travel planner as a brand you can trust. So much so, in fact, that you should be confident in their results; not just confident, but ‘KAYAK confident’. 

The campaign plays on this concept of unique overconfidence. One advert sees a dentist operating on a shark, while another shows a snowman checking in to a tanning salon. In each advert, there is the slogan: ‘That’s confident… but it’s not KAYAK confident.’ 

The travel aggregator’s campaign has been described as ‘zany’, ‘unexpected’ and ‘weird’. You can judge it for yourself below:


Brazilian visual artist Oscar Oiwa has created an inflatable dome of illustrations for visitors to immerse themselves in. How did he do it? With 120 marker pens. 

The installation, titled ‘Oscar Oiwa in Paradise’, is a giant inflatable balloon created exclusively for cultural centre Japan House in São Paulo. People can enter the dome to take in the 360-degree drawing that covers the entire vinyl surface, absorbing the fairy-tale forests, rolling skies and dreamlike patterns. 

Oiwa and five assistants took two weeks to complete the monochrome landscape, armed with a huge pile of black marker pens. Oiwa said: ‘I've always enjoyed drawing, which I consider the most basic way of expressing myself visually.’ 

Enjoy the artist’s full body of work here.



A new campaign has been launched that champions Scotland as a diverse and welcoming country.

In the advert, there are typically stirring scenes of lochs, forests and, of course, Andy Murray. There are also more groundbreaking images that promote immigration and gay rights, along with a poignant scene of two children shaking hands, one of whom has a prosthetic limb.

The £6m ‘Scotland is Now’ campaign marks the first collaboration between the Scottish Government, VisitScotland, Scottish Development International and Universities Scotland. The campaign was launched in North America, England and China.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who unveiled the advert, said: ‘The campaign will inspire people to be part of Scotland’s future and tell Scotland’s story through those who know it best.’

Enjoy the rousing new advert below:


Himalayan Sparkling has introduced a new bottle that plays the sound of mountain wind when you open it.

The Indian mineral water brand released the limited-edition bottles in Mumbai and New Delhi after two years of intensive product development. Each bottle cap is embedded with a chip loaded with a sound recording, captured by radio transmitters and synthesizers.

The accompanying advert shows gorgeous scenes of the Himalayas that play out against an ethereal soundtrack. The images then disappear into the new bottle design along with a great whoosh of mountain wind.

NourishCo, who manufactures Himalayan Sparkling, said: ‘This sound cap is a celebration of the rawness and fineness of Himalayan – two propositions that make Himalayan Sparkling a perfect accompaniment for fine dining experiences.’

Watch the advert below for an escape to the mountains:

Modern Collodion has announced the winner of its Wet Plate Competition, an event dedicated to the 19th-century photography technique. 

The inaugural wet plate competition attracted 200 submissions from 19 countries. Modern Collodion, a camera-equipment manufacturer owned by Lightbox Photo Academy, said it was ‘thrilled to see such a big response from the wet plate community’. But what exactly is wet plate photography? 

The collodion process, as it is also known, involves coating a piece of glass or metal with a syrupy substance before inserting it into a camera. After taking a shot, the photographer has 15 minutes to expose and process the wet plate before it dries. 

This Victorian technology is enjoying something of a resurgence, with wet plate technicians achieving a beautifully aged, dramatic look. 

Oregon-based photographer Paul Barden won the Wet Plate Competition with his mysterious image of Aristolochia pods. You can see that and more of his work here.

WWE star John Cena is the new face of Armor All, starring in a series of tongue-in-cheek adverts for the car-care specialists. 

Promoting a car air freshener and exterior wipes, the campaign is an example of effective – and unexpected – ­celebrity endorsement. We see the wrestler in a series of odd situations: floating in the sky, hanging out with polar bears and relaxing under a palm tree. 

Cena delivers the ironic lines with natural charisma and the adverts are light-hearted sketches of fun. Justin Dray plays his comedic sidekick, the scruffy actor contrasting well with Cena’s musclebound presence. 

Speaking about his surprising endorsement, Cena claimed: ‘I’ve always been a big car guy and Armor All has kept them looking good. So when they reached out, it just made sense.’ 

Watch one of the adverts below:


WWF France’s latest campaign enlists Instagram’s biggest influencers and shares shocking scenes to raise awareness of environmental damage around the world.

On behalf of the charity, nine leading travel bloggers published stunning pictures of international beauty spots. Lush forests, glorious mountains, romantic coastlines… the photos garnered thousands of likes on Instagram and comments like ‘Magnificent!’ and ‘Beautiful!’.

But the images were Photoshopped. The bloggers revealed days later that the destinations don’t exist anymore due to human impact. Distressing pictures of how the spots have changed were shared, revealing the true extent of pollution.

The influencers then encouraged followers to take immediate environmental action, using the hashtag #toolatergram. This is a twist on the popular ‘latergram’ hashtag, where a user posts a photo at a later time than when it was snapped.

You can watch the promotional video below:


A new advert from Champion sees the American sportswear brand take on a new, inspiring direction.

‘Dare to be Champion’ features a skateboarder, graffiti artist and dancer pursuing their dreams. Dressed in Champion clothing, we see Leandre, Jaira and Casey go about their daily practice as they discuss themes of freedom and identity.

Hurtling along to Latin-inspired music, the images climax to the slogan: ‘Dare to defy. Dare to conquer. Dare to fly. Dare to be Champion.’

Champion’s new advert is a motivational statement that seeks to redefine what it means to be a champion; the emphasis is on passion, not simply winning. The brand hopes to connect with a young and diverse audience by publishing the video across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

You can watch the advert below.


Japanese visual artist Kensuke Koike doesn’t use a paintbrush, pencil or laptop to create his art. He uses a manual pasta maker. 

A master of image deconstruction, his works are typically collages, taking portraits apart and reforming them into humorous pictures. One of his most surprising recent projects is a concept video featuring a photo of a dog, which he puts through a crank-action pasta maker. What happens next is both peculiar and very, very clever. 

The shredded picture is pieced together again in a different arrangement, forming two copies of the original image. Koike repeats the process to give four identical images. That’s four cute, curious-looking dogs! Having posted the video on Instagram, users have called it ‘ingenious’, ‘crazy’ and ‘mind-boggling’. 

A plus A gallery, which represents the Italy-based artist, says that he is ‘searching for a perfect collage and perfect image processing’. 

You can watch the whole intriguing process below.


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