Typography is a surprisingly intricate game, with subtle differences creating strikingly different typefaces.

A quick new quiz by Buzzfeed highlights the fun world of fonts, with multiple choice questions revealing that some typefaces really are closely related.

The quiz includes some quite obscure fonts, including Market Deco Regular and SignPainter HouseScript – there’s not a Comic Sans in sight.

Match the fonts here and let us know how you get on.

Zoopla's fun new ad follows a series of hermit crabs ‘swapping shells’ in search of the perfect home.

The chatty community of hermit crabs use Zoopla to filter their property searches, with one crab falling off its rock with excitement at cheaper bills!

We see the clever crustaceans encounter various tricky situations along the way, including a treacherous commute, swooping seagulls, and bad jokes.

Obviously, negotiation is a key feature throughout: we see a pair of crabs bargaining for a rock to come with the ‘property’ – yet the current owner seems reluctant to part with it.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of it.

What does your favourite colour mean in different cultures around the world?

A surprising new infographic from SilverDoor takes a look, revealing some interesting associations.

For instance, in the UK blue is often connected with sadness and masculinity; however, in China it brings to mind femininity, while in Thailand (where each day of the week has a colour), it represents Friday!

Similarly, red often means love, but in India the colour is more commonly associated with fear and power - whereas in China terms such as celebration, luck and happiness spring to mind.

However, there are some universal parallels; for example in most cultures, black represents death, bad luck, and magic.

What does your favourite colour represent? Take a look here.

Inspiration seems endless when it comes to the fashion industry, but how about the influence of architecture?

MyModernMet has taken Pierre Balmain's famous quote ‘Dress making is the architecture of movement’ to heart, with an interesting article on the subject.

Comparing a surprising variety of buildings with catwalk looks, there's a clear correlation between architectural styles and the latest fashions.

These include a dress from the Paco Rabanne Fall 2013 which seems to reference the Guggenheim Museum, the delicate stylings of Dior and Esterhazy Palace's interiors, and the intricate geometrics of Jean Paul Gaultier's pieces.

The article also explores how strong silhouettes and bold lines make iconic buildings and high-end clothes so visually striking.

Discover the interesting relationship between architecture and fashion here - do you have an example to share?

A heart-warming ad shines a spotlight on the heritage of Canadian cheese.

Set to a cover version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Stop’, the animation follows the story of Morton, an ageing cheesemaker, and his vibrant daughter Mia.

Mia, who is Morton’s apprentice, urges her father to enter into an international cheese competition, but he becomes disheartened when he never wins.

But eventually, it's Mia's turn to enter the competition - watch the ad below to find out if her cheese is successful.

This could be the experience of which dreams are made – an elevated forest park allowing visitors to bounce among the treetops.

Studio Dror has designed ‘Parkorman’ to be in the skies of Istanbul, featuring an elevated playground with pathways, swinging hammocks, and a giant trampoline.

This surreal concept is part of a sustainability project, working with the current environment to create entertainment by designing vertically.

The park would have five zones, which channel different personalities, including the Loop, with swings and hammocks, and the Pool, which is a giant ball pit.

Explore Parkorman in more detail here and tell us if you’d like it to become reality.

An inspirational – and emotional – ad series by Lynx explores what it means to be a man in 2017, such as is it okay to display emotion?

The black and white spot sees men discuss what makes them upset and how they deal with it, from crying every time they watch Forrest Gump to the death of a loved one.

It’s a cathartic, and sometimes funny, ad that aims to break down stereotypes – watch it below and let us know your thoughts.

Think you know the story of the Easter Bunny? Think again, according to a heart-warming ad by German supermarket Netto.

‘The Easter Surprise’ tells its own adorable version of the Easter Bunny, in which he’s a product of a happy marriage between a rabbit and a chicken.

The emotional ad follows the baby bunny overcoming various hurdles, such as the internal struggle of a confused identity – half bunny, half chicken – and the obvious result of laying colourful eggs, which results in his isolation.

However, when a human stumbles across one of his eggs, he enters a world where his gifts are gratefully received.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of it.

VisitBritain has taken a new approach to attracting American tourists – by enlisting comedian Diane Morgan.

Morgan, known for her work with Charlie Brooker, showcases everything the UK has to offer in two tongue-in-cheek short films: ‘The Self-Help Guru’ and ‘The Rock Star’.

Described as ‘British Famous’ (i.e. not quite famous enough for a US audience), Morgan immerses herself in behaving ‘like an American’ in Wales and Manchester.

In The Self-Help Guru, Morgan takes on mindfulness because ‘it seemed like the easiest one to do’, while in The Rock Star, she becomes an inadvertent celebrity when she blags her way into a bar.

Watch The Self-Help Guru below and find out more about the deadpan campaign here.

A Super Mario Brothers popup bar has opened in Washington - and it's so popular it takes two hours to get in!

The vibrant décor in Mockingbird Hall is an immersive blast from the past, including a Petey Piranha hanging from the ceiling, mystery boxes, fluffy clouds, and a secret mushroom kingdom.

The colourful walls feature the different game themes we tried to venture through as children, while the experience is completed by a series of Mario-themed cocktails.

See the full experience here; has this transported you back to your childhood?

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