Born to B2B is back – Stuart Devoil on building a competitive edge in B2B


17th October 2023

It’s time: series two of the Born to B2B podcast is here!

Introducing an exciting new series of episodes, Liam engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Stuart Devoil. As Group Head of Marketing at James Latham, Stuart leads the marketing efforts of a £400 million timber, panels and decorative surfaces distributor with a rich 267-year history.

In their discussion, Stuart delves deep into all kinds of topics, from the very beginnings of his career journey to his vision for marketing’s technologically-advanced future. With a wealth of experience, Stuart offers brilliant insights for B2B marketers of every ilk.

Tune in now, and stay tuned for what’s shaping up to be another fantastic season of the Born to B2B podcast

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