Helen Badger talks targeting and TikTok on the latest Born to B2B


4th July 2023

Born to B2B: Adventures in B2B Marketing continues! Our guest this week was Helen Badger, Marketing Director at leading software solution provider IRIS.

Having spent over 25 years working in B2B in countries including America, Japan, China and the UK, and shifted from sales to marketing roles, Helen has a rare level of insight to offer.

Her comprehensive view of the B2B sector made for a fascinating, wide-ranging discussion with Liam, covering: 

  • The ethics of targeted marketing
  • Why organisations should be looking closer at video marketing
  • And the challenges of selling software compared to hardware.

A common theme throughout was adaptability. Helen named the B2B marketing sector’s ability to evolve as one of its biggest strengths, and spoke about how B2B-ers could get ahead by staying on top of audience engagement trends.

Helen points to her own experience of covering a large number of areas, from pitching to copywriting to PR, as fundamental to the strong commercial understanding that’s underpinned her career. She and Liam both agree that by avoiding siloes, marketers can increase their value to their businesses.

It’s another must-listen episode, full of wisdom that anyone involved in B2B can benefit from. Give it a listen!

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