The Think Tank wins new PR client: V-Tex, an Enviro-Cool brand


17th November 2023

V-Tex has tasked The Think Tank with getting people talking about their innovative rapid-cooling technology.

We’ve been chosen by V-Tex, an environmentally-focused, on-demand drinks chilling solution, to lead its PR efforts.

Thanks to a diverse portfolio of green-minded clients, The Think Tank stood out to V-Tex as the ideal choice for a campaign promoting the environmental and cost-saving benefits of their product.

We’ll be boosting the brand’s profile in the hospitality, retail, and events sectors with a targeted media campaign designed to gain nationwide press coverage and communicate V-Tex’s commitment to sustainability.

V-Tex: energy-saving innovation

Since 2000, Enviro-Cool has been developing technology to alleviate the impact of water and energy shortages. Founded in 2010, V-Tex, an Enviro-Cool brand, enables its users to save the planet and save on bills by reducing the time and energy needed to chill drinks.

The solution works by subjecting drinks to ‘forced convection’ in a unique gripper, as opposed to the natural convection of existing equipment. Not only is V-Tex chilling drinks in a matter of minutes, it’s shaking up the refrigeration game, offering unparalleled energy savings of 50-90%.       

It’s a key milestone for the company, which was originally founded with the aim of reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions from refrigeration, which currently make up more than 3% of the mix.

V-Tex’s sustainability credentials are the focus of the PR campaign – and this is why The Think Tank stood out to the company. Director Colin Rodgers says: ‘What sold The Think Tank to us was their creativity and understanding of sustainable processes.’

‘We’ve set out to permanently revolutionise how drinks are chilled. This campaign will boost brand awareness by informing our audiences of our product’s key benefits: convenience, greater margins and, most importantly, carbon reduction.’

An expertly-crafted PR strategy

Commenting on The Think Tank’s appointment, PR Director, Joanna Wilmot said:

‘V-Tex is solving a real issue: how to get drinks chilled faster – and save water and energy. Our job is to bring the benefits of their products to life and create a new category of cooling products to draw B2B customers in.’

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