Celebrating 15 years with Dragana Knezevic


5th December 2022

How time flies. This week marks the 15-year anniversary at The Think Tank for Dragana Knezevic, our Right Honourable Client Services Director.

Reflecting on this milestone, Managing Director at the agency, Liam Bateman, had this to say: “In her 15 years here Dragana has become an inspiration to everyone at The Think Tank. She’s been an integral part of our success, combining her creative flair with inimitable practical skills to help build a great account management team. Many congratulations!”

But Dragana’s influence doesn’t end with the account management team. Beloved by clients and colleagues alike, she brings an infectious proactivity and pragmatism to every project she works on and, perhaps most impressively, holds everything together no matter how crazy the deadlines or KPIs.

Her ability to take a few steps back and see the bigger picture – to unpick exactly what the marketing challenge is and how best it can be solved via the many integrated arms of the agency – is unparalleled.

Once she has helped everybody work out what needs to be done, she provides the support, the motivation and the organizational skills required to get campaigns over the line. It is no coincidence that so many of the teams and clients she works with end up scooping industry awards… we’re losing count of the amount of trophies IRIS and Asendia have won these last 12 months.

We could talk about her professional attributes all day, but best of all is Dragana’s ability to make us all laugh. Thank you Dragana for everything! We’re looking forward to the next 15 years and many more beyond. Živeli!

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