Celebrating 30 years of outstanding people


31st October 2023

The key to a thriving B2B agency? It’s all about our team.

As The Think Tank continues to celebrate its 30th anniversary, we’re chatting to some of the people who have kept us company throughout the decades.

They’ll be reflecting on their journeys to provide you with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into agency life – and, spoiler alert, it’s a lot of fun!

Kelly-Anne – Senior Account Director

18 years at The Think Tank
Offices worked in: 6

Why did you join The Think Tank?

When I was job-searching, The Think Tank was the first agency I came across that was integrated – and this was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted the opportunity to oversee all types of projects and work with lots of different clients.

What’s your favourite memory from your time at the agency?

It’s hard to pick just one, but managing the B2B Marketing Awards ceremony for over 10 years has to be up there. Working with celebrity hosts such as Michael McIntryre, Tim Minchin, Jack Whitehall and Josh Widdecombe definitely stands out.

What’s your biggest career highlight?

A highlight for me, especially in recent years, has been learning how agile and resilient marketers can be. We adapt where needed to fit clients’ needs as well as our own, which I think is really special.

Sam – PR Account Executive

2 years at The Think Tank
Offices worked in: 1

Why did you join The Think Tank?

After studying sports journalism at university, I realised it wasn’t for me; I wanted a more front-facing role where I could develop new skills and keep up with my writing. A friend of a friend suggested I might like the PR industry. When I interviewed for TTT and got a feel for the family atmosphere, I knew I made the right choice.

What’s your favourite memory from your time at the agency?

I always enjoy our Christmas parties, but my first one after joining TTT was great! I got to properly get to know the team and see them let their hair down.

What have you learned about the industry – and yourself? What are you most proud of?

The most valuable thing I’ve learned is how to work with criticism. Nobody wants to fail, but sometimes mistakes help you to look forward. Seeing my client Oscar Acoustics recently get shortlisted for several CMA awards is something I’m really proud of.

Ailish – Junior PPC Manager

6 years at The Think Tank
Offices worked in: 2

Why did you join The Think Tank?

I was 19 and had just moved from Derby to London after completing a marketing apprenticeship. I discovered The Think Tank online and saw that they worked with clients in the construction industry. I had similar experience, so decided to apply.

When I walked into the office for my interview, I knew I wanted to work there for sure. There was a real buzz: people in conversation, talking about projects, laughing. It was exactly the kind of inviting environment I was looking for.

What’s your favourite memory from your time at the agency?

Just like Sam, I’d have to say my first Christmas party. It was on the Friday of my first week in the office and it was so much fun. TTT knows how to throw a party!

What’s been your biggest challenge?

When I was still new to TTT, I was asked by our client Asendia to source some magic cubes (see picture).

For some reason, we weren’t able to see a preview of the 200+ cubes we ordered before they got shipped.

They took weeks to arrive and I was so nervous about them not turning out right!

But they finally arrived, looked great and the client loved them.

Dragana – our Client Services Director and Asendia’s main point of contact – let me keep one because of all the work I did to create them.

I keep it on my desk at home as a memento of a project that really helped me find my feet in the company.

Paul – Head of Creative

22 years at The Think Tank
Offices worked at: 7

Why did you join The Think Tank?

Fresh out of university, I was searching for a London-based advertising agency to join. A friend connected me with Shaun, The Think Tank’s Creative Director. At the time he was our only creative, which excited me as it meant I would get to contribute all the new skills I’d picked up while studying – designing and building websites, CD-ROMS and animations.

What’s your favourite memory from your time at the agency?

It has to be working on the B2B Marketing Awards. Each year I got to brainstorm a new creative theme (anything from Mad Men to 70s Airline), and bring the idea to life on the night of the ceremony. I also got the privilege of looking after the celebrity hosts, which was great fun.

What are you most proud of?

Winning the Creative Agency Softball League back in 2007 is a personal highlight. In terms of my creative work, seeing the IRIS ‘Masters of Time’ ads plastered on the sides of London buses was really cool.

Sophie – Junior Copywriter

4 months at The Think Tank
Offices worked in: 1

Why did you join The Think Tank?

For my first role in marketing (and first role ever after graduating!) it was important to me to have plenty of opportunities to learn. TTT offered just that. From day one I felt encouraged to explore new skills and take on challenging projects – and I already feel like my writing has come a long way.

What’s your favourite memory from your time at the agency?

Getting to attend the UK Agency Awards with the team in September was a real ‘pinch-me’ moment; I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so much like a proper adult! It was also an opportunity to connect with team members I hadn’t worked with yet.

What’s been your favourite project to work on – and what did you learn from it?

My career at TTT has only just begun, but working on our AI in Marketing piece has to be a highlight. The biggest lesson I’ve learned about copywriting (and marketing in general) is that less is more. Being able to make an impact using as few words as possible is a powerful thing.

It’s true: brilliant people make brilliant B2B

We have to say, we’re loving all this nostalgia. Looking back over the agency’s 30-year long history – the countless fond memories, achievements and learning curves – fills us with heaps of gratitude.

To all the people who have contributed to our success over the years: thank you. We hope you’ll stick around for the next 30!

Like the sound of life at The Think Tank? We’re always on the look-out for talented people to join our team. Check out our careers page or get in touch today.

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