e-PAQ - Global integrated launch campaign

Integrated Launch, B2B Marketing, Global Communications

Asendia turned to long term marketing partner The Think Tank to help with the global launch of their new e-PAQ delivery solutions.

25 m
global impressions
230 k
250 %
exceeded KPIs

Asendia is an international mail and e-commerce delivery company with locations across 4 continents and serving more than 200 territories worldwide.

Recognising a need to simplify and unify its branding and product offer, Asendia restructured and renamed its core services, streamlining its Mail product and creating e-PAQ – a brand new range of e-commerce solutions.
Having previously helped Asendia with internal communications on the project, The Think Tank was delighted to also be involved with the external product launch.

The first phase of the launch focussed on communicating the new services to Asendia’s existing customers. We developed a piece of fold out direct mail which explained how e-PAQ and Mail had been structured and helped to establish the new branding.

Building on this activity, we created an email campaign targeting all existing Asendia customers. As well as explaining the offer, these emails directed customers to a purpose-built e-PAQ and Mail microsite, featuring an animated landing page and video content. All content was translated into four languages.

Phase 1 helped generate understanding and excitement among Asendia customers, setting the stage perfectly for phase 2: the full market launch.

The Think Tank devised an integrated marketing campaign across 9 countries, including an email marketing campaign to communicate the new offer to all prospects on Asendia’s database.

In addition, a wider brand awareness campaign was rolled out which included: targeted digital advertising campaigns, with LinkedIn and Google display ads; a comprehensive social media plan; an external company newsletter; animated video content; and blogs.

Simultaneously, PR activity garnered significant coverage in trade press to introduce the brand and the products, and position Asendia management as industry experts with thought leadership articles.

Since going live in January, campaign results have been phenomenal. Overall, the campaign has delivered 25,000,000 impressions globally, press was 130% of KPI, clicks have equated to 230,000 and conversions have exceeded KPIs by more than 250%.

Little surprise then that the campaign has already started winning awards, the first of which coming for effectiveness and best global campaign at the Global Agency Awards 2021.

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