Creating a site with personality

Website Design and Build

Createmaster approached The Think Tank looking for a new website that would thread the needle between preserving its brand personality and maintaining its affiliation to the BuildData Group.

The Think Tank modernised the look and feel of Createmaster’s existing website, drawing on shared themes with the BuildData Group site to create a common thread.

By mirroring the layout and structure of the parent company’s website, The Think Tank positioned Createmaster as a part of the BuildData family while ensuring its own brand shone through.

The design was focused on simplifying complex software for potential customers visiting the site and creating graphics that represented Createmaster’s core services. The navigation, content and site structure were all updated and adapted to be more user-friendly.

We also integrated Createmaster’s CRM, Hubspot, so that demo requests would be filtered through the system. And to engage with new customers and promote Createmaster content, while at the same time generating quality leads, the new site was given functionality to lock off content and assets.

The end result was a new website that truly allowed Createmaster to stand on its own with the strong presence of its unique brand personality, without detaching it from the BuildData Group. That it makes for a far more seamless experience for potential customers, clients and stakeholders was an added bonus as well.

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