A website with personality

Through the magic of WordPress, The Think Tank built Zutec a site ready to serve their customers wherever in the world they may be.

The challenge

Zutec called in The Think Tank for help with a delicate balancing act.

The construction management software provider needed to bring its newly redesigned website in line with the other brands in the BuildData Group, but in a way that wouldn’t sacrifice Zutec’s unique brand personality. And, due to the company’s global reach and regional product offerings, the website would have to be built to facilitate varying content displays based on location.

Our solution

To build a site that could speak directly to all of Zutec’s audiences, The Think Tank used a WordPress multisite setup.

Separate global, Irish and Australian sites were created with unique domains, enabling Zutec to display different content to different markets. Best of all, everything could uploaded via one master site, making it simple for Zutec to offer its audiences relevant, localised content.

The design element requirements for Zutec’s website were met by using a similar layout and structure to the wider BuildData Group brand’s websites as a base, and applying Zutec’s brand identifiers on top. A colour scheme incorporating blue, white, orange and turquoise was deployed alongside distinctive visual assets to draw the eye and let the Zutec brand personality shine.

Zutec’s website copy was also updated to reflect updated product classifications and to focus targeting on the brand’s core audiences, including housebuilders, developers and contractors.

The results

The Think Tank built Zutec a website that highlights its unique brand and simultaneously underlines its place in the BuildData Group.

The new site has made it easier than ever for existing and potential customers to navigate Zutec’s product offering and find the right solution, and is generating new leads and growing customer relationships for Zutec.

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