This MNI would be required to work across a wide range of marketing channels and collateral including advertising, point-of-sale, direct marketing, digital channels, social media, and sales collateral.

An MNI was developed that spoke with core audiences, painters, decorators, and contractors, in a tone of voice that they would relate to, communicating the product benefits supported by a visual style that promoted range, colour, application, and packaging.

We positioned Glidden Trade as 'The Can Do Paint', one that gets the job done, whatever and wherever that job might be.

This was developed alongside a new graphical approach and then summarised within a complete set of brand guidelines, which covered use of logo, tone of voice, imagery and a range of examples for use across marketing material.

This resulted in a reinvigoraation of the Glidden Trade brand and delivered a proposition to audiences that fully reflects the position of the brand in the market. Both sales and market share are on the increase.