Getting to know the new service in detail was the first task: understanding its extensive coverage, high flexibility and how these factors build better brand relationships. From previous internal communications with Asendia, we understood the linguistic challenges of reaching out to a global workforce.

To engage an audience across 27 different countries, a concept that could be globally accepted in broad terms was vital. To ensure a high level of internal interest and campaign longevity, a challenge was created that educated the audience on a weekly basis, introducing staff to the benefits of their new Fully-Tracked Goods product.

Over eight weeks, an interactive game hosted on a custom-built website quizzed Asendians on various features of the new service. By clicking on a digital door, users were given snippets of information about Fully-Tracked Goods; as an incentive, staff could be entered into a prize draw after answering questions correctly. Supporting print posters and digital e-shots were circulated to promote this campaign with the slogan: ‘Open the door to new opportunities with Fully-Tracked Goods’.

There were hundreds of entries from all Asendia subsidiaries around the world, showing high levels of internal engagement and learning. The Think Tank’s Fully-Tracked Goods campaign ensured Asendia employees embraced essential knowledge of this new key service.