Jacksons Fencing Advertising Campaign

Jacksons Fencing is a leading UK security solutions provider for both commercial and residential applications. Established in 1947, the company has built its reputation on designing products with superior materials, components and finishing treatments to ensure longevity, and its expertise in security solutions.

 The Think Tank was approached by the client to help them demonstrate their expertise in providing perimeter solutions for three commercial settings: educational, high-security and cutting out noise pollution.

 We were briefed to create an emotive, straight-talking concept that would show off some of Jackson’s past projects while grabbing attention. Our concept using short, witty headlines displayed on signs in situations where real Jacksons Fencing products were in use. The ads emphasise Jackson’s expertise and put their unique 25-year-guarantee front and centre.

We planned the media including print and online advertising placements in select publications based on results and relevant target audiences, such as The RIBA Journal, the official publication of the Royal Institute of British Architects. We supported this activity with additional sponsored content and solus e-shots in partnership with the titles to create a multi-touchpoint campaign.