Leica iCON iCB50 & iCB70 product launch campaign

Leica Geosystems approached The Think Tank to develop a launch campaign for their range of Leica iCON manual total stations.

The industry leader in measurement and survey technology was keen to promote the iCB50 and iCB70 products as modern, digital solutions that empower users to achieve unprecedented standards of productivity and accuracy. These are highly accurate instruments that are durable enough to withstand tough building construction environments.

The concept of our campaign centred on a direct comparison between the traditional method of measurement and layout with superior digital data-capture techniques. Many people in the industry still use traditional analogue measurement methods, which are much more time-consuming and less accurate. The range also works directly with newer design practices such as BIM.

We crafted the messaging to focus on the key USP of the products drawing in the comparison ‘The no-strings approach to construction measurement’ and ‘The no-tapes approach to construction layout’, we reflected this in the campaign imagery for the client to use in print and digital advertising.

We also shot and produced the launch campaign video , which compares the old method with the new products and their key features on a construction site. The video’s impact was enhanced by using a mixture of detailed shots and drone footage, highlighting product strengths while providing visual context.

Watch the video here.