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5th September 2023

The latest episode of Born to B2B is here! Liam’s guest this week is Daniel Da Costa, Founder of ideas collective Raspberry Ripple.

With a disruptive approach proven to ‘cut through the vanilla’, Daniel knows how to deliver captivating marketing content. He and Liam chat about how to generate diverse ideas, their biggest fears for the future of B2B and the value of offline tools.

A pen and paper fanatic, Daniel’s best piece of advice for marketing creatives is to ‘go old-school’; to move away from the computer screen, attempt the task on paper and then return to the digital drawing board with a simplified perspective.

Daniel points to his varied experience as a creative strategist, and how ‘jumping around’ between different fields was instrumental in developing his creative brain. He and Liam discuss the power of adaptability, the impact of fear on creativity and why the future of B2B depends on risk-takers.

Packed with Daniel’s expert wisdom on a wide range of topics, this episode offers insight that all B2Bers can benefit from.

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