Oerlikon Brand Identity Campaign

Based in Munich, Oerlikon AM (Additive Manufacturing Solutions) is a technology company specialising in additive manufacturing using 3D printing. The process allows for the mould-free creation of single-piece automotive, industrial, medical, aerospace, and power generation components.

Additive manufacturing is a complex integrated process, from creating the right metal mix for manufacture to development and testing of component designs to 3D printing and finishing. The result is truly innovative products that are more efficient, durable and powerful.

So we were delighted when Oerlikon AM asked The Think Tank to help establish a corporate brand identity. As a subdivision of the wider Oerlikon brand, the client challenged us to create an identity that adhered to the parent company’s strict branding guidelines but also felt distinctive to Oerlikon AM.

To help Oerlikon AM define itself, we created a marketing and sales suite of materials to help launch the brand. This was followed by a PR campaign to generate awareness of Oerlikon AM as a brand in its own right.

But this was just the beginning of our relationship with Oerlikon. Following on from the success of our initial campaign, we created further assets for Oerlikon AM such as email templates, corporate PowerPoint slides and leaflets. In addition, we developed an internal employee engagement video for parent company, Oerlikon.

Since working with The Think Tank, Oerlikon AM has firmly established itself as a market leader in additive manufacturing and prototyping, generating more leads and increasing new business as a result.