With the world’s largest network of air travel data, OAG provides accurate, timely, and actionable digital information and applications to the world’s airlines, airports, government agencies, and travel-related service companies.

The Think Tank was asked to rebrand the company to reflect its restructure of services, creating a new logo and fresh brand identity, using simple iconic visuals and bold colours to convey the different suites of products.

In order to communicate these changes to OAG’s new and existing customers, we designed a package of print advertisements, which were placed in relevant trade publications, and a direct marketing campaign. This DM campaign consists of two packs of cards: one displaying airport ‘megahubs’ and one showcasing airlines, demonstrating OAG’s industry expertise.

The new branding and communication has been successfully rolled out, reinforcing OAG’s position as a market leader ‒ valuable new leads have been generated by the DM campaign and an impressive number of card packs have been requested.