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Bond Bryan Digital engaged The Think Tank to help design and build a new website to establish its brand identity and create synergy across the BuildData Group.

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The ‘Digital’ division of the Bond Bryan brand was acquired by the BuildData Group in late 2021 to offer comprehensive support to clients throughout the building lifecycle.

Subsequently, Bond Bryan Digital approached The Think Tank to create a new website that would help to establish its brand identity, while sharing structural commonalities with fellow companies within the BuildData Group and existing clients of the agency, Zutec and Createmaster.

The client presented The Think Tank with a brief that specified a ‘clean’ look and feel, with contrasting light and dark sections to incorporate existing brand colours, navy and white. The overall objective was to achieve a sleek, modern appearance to complement the client’s data-led approach to built-asset construction.

The creative team used this brief as a springboard to design a number of icons, each representing one of Bond Bryan Digital’s services.

The new website was populated with rich, accessible and engaging copy written by the content team, who were tasked with clearly communicating the provision of the client and defining its position within the BuildData Group. This included producing service pages for clients, contractors and consultants, as well as accompanying metadata.

Bond Bryan Digital’s previous website was a subdomain of the Bond Bryan brand; a new domain was purchased so the new website could exist as its own, separate entity.

Since its launch in March 2022, the new Bond Bryan Digital website has had 2,930 new users and a total of 4,545 sessions (as of June 2022). Users spend just short of two minutes on the website per visit, browsing content across two pages or more.

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