Power of Standards

Knowledge is power: Exploring attitudes to standards with BSI

This test-and-learn B2B marketing campaign was a little different from what we normally get up to…

We were asked to help the British Standards Institute (BSI) find out everything they need to know for running successful future marketing campaigns.

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The challenge

BSI asked us to assess, understand and define the appetite of small businesses for standards and content about standards.

They challenged us to find out how much small businesses know about standards, what they understand about how they work and if business owners are aware of the power of standards (see where we’re going with this?) to improve efficiency, productivity and more.

What we did

To a target audience of small- and medium-sized businesses, we presented brand messaging and visuals promoting the “power of standards” alongside a suite of free-to-download content that explained in more detail the benefits of certain pre-selected “gateway standards”.

Throughout the campaign we optimised and tweaked messaging, visuals and copy to identify the ads that our target audience really engaged with. This helped us to identify behavioural trends and effective styles and methods of communications that we could then share with BSI to inform their future marketing.

The results

Over a four-week period our goal was for 850 pieces of content to be downloaded from the Power of Standards microsite and to reach a total of 5,000 pages viewed across the BSI website.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we truly surpassed those goals and in fact delivered over 2,000 downloads with a conversion rate of 17.6. Pats on the backs all round.

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