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Streamlined, stylish website design

When Oscar Acoustics needed advice on how to improve its website, they knew exactly who to call.

178.7 %
increase in new users
104 %
increase in users
21.46 %
increase in event count
100 %
increase in sessions
21.46 %
increase in engaged sessions

The challenge

Oscar Acoustics had big ambitions for its digital shop window. The architectural acoustics experts wanted a streamlined website that would take customers from search to check-out in the simplest, most intuitive way possible, as well as imagery to reflect the high-end interior designs facilitated by its products.

Oscar Acoustics called on The Think Tank to review its existing site and provide a proposal on how to improve the user journey. After a thorough audit we knew exactly what was needed to build a winning website.

The solution

We identified several ways the website could be redesigned to create a better user experience, the main one being the site structure.

The user journey needed to be streamlined, the design modernised and the site had to better serve Oscar Acoustics’ commercial aims.

Our first step was to work with Oscar Acoustics to properly represent its product ranges. Arranging products in their obvious place, adding stronger calls-to-action and revamping the e-commerce shop simplified the user journey, making potential customers less likely to get lost in a maze of links.

We also determined the new site could do with a fresh look and feel. Oscar Acoustics’ key audience consists of designers and architects, so there could be no compromises when it came to style.

One of the chief benefits of Oscar Acoustics’ products is that they allow customers to apply acoustic solutions without impacting design. We played on this using the site’s imagery, which depicts premium-looking commercial spaces that had benefited from Oscar Acoustics solutions. Alongside clean and simple typography, these stylish visuals gave the website a modern look and feel that befitted the client’s brand image.

It wasn’t a case of style over substance though, as we endeavoured to ensure Oscar Acoustics’ SEO groundwork was carried over from their previous site. To facilitate future growth across EMEA, we put measures in place so that country sub-directories can be added as Oscar Acoustics expands its reach.

The results

Glossy design, strong SEO and streamlined UX all contributed to a sharp rise in website traffic when the new site launched.

Within three weeks engaged sessions had shot up by 21% and new users were up by over 175%. Our overhaul of the website made it easier than ever for Oscar Acoustic’s to take their customers from Google to checkout in no time at all.

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