Episode 4 - Crafting captivating marketing content

04/09/23 - 33:00
04/09/23 - 33:00

Crafting captivating marketing content

Daniel Da Costa : Founder - Raspberry Ripple

This week we chat to Daniel Da Costa, Founder of Raspberry Ripple – a creative ideas factory seeking to ‘cut through the vanilla’ of subpar marketing campaigns.

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Born to B2B:

Adventures in B2B Marketing continues! Our guest this week was Daniel Da Costa, Founder of ideas collective Raspberry Ripple.
Specialising in helping brands to stimulate creativity, Daniel’s mission to ‘cut through the vanilla’ of run-of-the-mill marketing content has helped to generate many brilliant campaigns.

His deep understanding of B2B made for a compelling chat with Liam spanning a wide range of topics, from their biggest fears for the future of the industry to the value of old-school pen and paper tools.

It’s an essential listen, packed with insight that all B2Bers can learn from.

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