To position Modern Masonry as experts in the field, a research project exploring consumer motivations on the house-buying process was developed, leading to stand-alone thought leadership articles. The survey was conducted with 2,000 UK respondents, seeking public opinion on a range of topics including the ideal home, best building materials to use and current UK housing policy.

A PR strategy was developed to obtain maximum trade exposure for the modular report, which was drafted in a journalistic tone, accompanied with a vibrant design. An announcement release was drafted and a comprehensive media list built to appeal directly to the primary target audience: builders, developers, designers and engineers within construction.

The report was launched to coincide with EcoBuild 2018, a high-profile event for forward thinkers in the built environment. This was the perfect platform to organise associated press meets and influence trade journalists. Running for three months, the campaign combined a mix of launch news with comment, thought leadership and editorial content. To ensure all objectives were met, a dynamic media relations campaign was conducted simultaneously.

In total, the report achieved 25 pieces of coverage, including comment pieces in The Sunday Times, with an online reach of 15.7 million and print circulation of 1 million. The estimated coverage views reached highs of 25,300, and 75% of the published articles directly referenced information relating to the perception of masonry as the material of choice for housebuilding. One highlight was an inclusion in The Sunday Times where Modern Masonry was quoted using results from the survey, offering exposure on a national level and cementing the organisation’s reputation as industry experts.