Muraspec Brand Refresh and Website Design

Aiming for a complete refresh so that the brand and its products were promoted in a more inspirational way, the company approached The Think Tank.

First, we were careful to design a website that was worthy of Muraspec’s proud heritage, dating back to the 1850s. We aimed to honour the brand’s prestige and position it as a leader in the B2B wallpaper industry.

It was clear to us that the user journey could be improved, so we enhanced search functionality and introduced a sample-ordering feature, as well as multilingual capabilities to widen the audience reach.

‘Aspiration’ was a key theme in this project, and we built an intuitive mobile design to fulfil this, bringing forward their case studies, which had been previously hidden, and elevating their blog to become an expert’s resource. In this way, we moved away from the old, template-influenced design akin to a database of swatches, and created a website that truly shows off the beauty of Muraspec.

The client was delighted with the completed work and immediately asked us to refresh the website of their B2C brand too, Fardis.